evel■oping mark■ets, African coun◆tries in particular●. The Huawei Ma〓te 7 phone ha○s been desi◆gned to have a lo〓nger lasting batter■y that re

flects ◆the company's f●ocus on Afric●a.The company conti〓nues to expand in● the region. Hua●wei is establis◆hi

nding stati?/span>

n in Namibia

ndlocked〓 count

and smart● phone market in Afr●ica. In 2011 Huawei ●registered〓 a $US3.4 bil●lion turnover ■and dominate●d the continen●t with i

■na, Zambia,

a〓lly in Namibia an■d Angola. The group ●has won a $U●S750 million co〓ntract to upgra◆de Globacom's netw■ork in Nigeria, a●n


d on the wa●y to become● a major operator t●here, since it inves●ted $US627 m◆illion in cash-st〓rapped Nitel company●. 

and Malawi.

〓Huawei Mar

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